Kick your shoes off and take a seat.

Hello, I'm Pat, and this is my website. I'm just getting started here.

I wanted to break free from the perils of contemporary social media by creating my own personalised web space.

Website topics

I'm learning about HTML and CSS largely via Neocities' own resources and HTML Dog!

Coming soon:

Construction warning

This website is being intermittently tinkered with and may be updated without warning. Although I try to keep track of and archive each iteration of this site, I don't (yet) have a detailed changelog, nor have I set up a way for other people to access earlier versions of the site.

There's also a distinct possibility that the website will suddenly change without warning; this dynamism is part of the appeal of the internet, but it is very unprofessional. Sorry!

I hope you'll enjoy my scrappy little website regardless. Here are some vintage under construction images to help you feel better:

A small gif of an 'UNDER CONSTRUCTION' roadsign. Pikachu operates a jackhammer beneath it. A small gif of a vertically rotating, 3D-animated sign which reads 'CONSTRUCTION'. A small gif of a horizontally rotating, 3D-animated, yellow triangular sign, indicating construction work.


This image

A motivational poster with the caption :) i.e. a smiley face. The image in the centre is a post from the site Whisper, of a tiny black and white cat standing on its hind legs while leaning with its forepaws against a window pane. The text over the cat reads, 'living in my own little special world'

This quote from a Wikipedia article

Music is easy to administer[1] and has no reported side effects.[2]

A poem by my friend Sam

💖 I Think My Gay Son 💖
💖 Is Just OK 💖
💖 I Have No Strong Feelings 💖
💖 Either Way 💖